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Visions of Hope Fellowship Worldwide

  • History of Christianity- Overview
  • Cry of the Intercessor 
  • Defining the Prophetic
  • Fivefold Blueprint
  • Identity of the Believer
  • Priesthood of the Believer

Teaching Modules

Ministries Under VOHFW


  • [K]nights Ablaze Apostolic House of Prayer is an Apostolic House positioned to release governmental intercession over nations.

  • Detroit Prophetic Roundtable is comprised of Apostles, Prophets, Apostolic & Prophetic Intercessors identified as possessors of keys for opening Father's Blueprint/Design for the spiritual restructuring and transformation of the city to Detroit. Working in corporate agreement with others, who carry a God-given Detroit assignment, we are positioned to help lay the infrastructure that will usher in His Presence!


  • Watchman/Gatekeeper Network is a group of Apostolic/Prophetic Intercessors assigned to covering the City of Detroit. These men and women of prayer reside not only in the Metro-Detroit area, but live in other cities throughout the nation, as well as Windsor, Ontario. They are called to cry out on behalf of the great City of Detroit, that their cries might impact nations.

  • Gate Beautiful- East is a supportive ministry of Ruth Chapel AME Church. It is designed to be a supportive arm undergirded with Davidic Worship, Prophetic Intercession and a Study of the Word. It also serves as a House of Refuge for wounded leaders.